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Day 2 + Day 3 + Blogskin Crisis
written on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 @ 5:09 PM ✨{ 4 comments }

I got this from tumblr. Cute isn't it?

I'll be doing the Day 2&3 challenges today. I'm pretty late with the challenge. Fuu~

Okay. Day 2 is about "My Crush". Aigoo~ >__< I got a lot of crushes though?! 어떻게 어떻게?

I've decided, I'm gonna feature B1A4's Leader Jinyoung (진영). My new Korean crush. *flails*

See the guy in white? Wait, I'll tell him to look here. *calls Jinyoung*

See his face much clearer? Is he cute? Is he? Yayy!

OMG. He just bit his lower lip! *rolls and dies with pleasure*

Is he calling me?! Lmao~ If so, I'm so gonna jump onto him!

Day 3 is about "My Parents". My parents just had in common that I think I pretty inherited.

You know what it is? Hihi. They're fond of doing selcas too. Well, my dad is fond of it but my mom, she doesn't do selcas but she's a pretty camwhore.

*laughs* See? ^^

And this is my mom on her solo photos.

She's pretty and nice although we argue sometimes.

THEY ARE MY LOVELY PARENTS They don't mind what we do as long as we don't harm anything nor anyone and as long as we're doing right. They're not strict because we, their daughters are not really fond of going out of the house and chill outside with friends. Pretty insiders.

By the way, I'm planning of changing my blog's skin and I'm into blog skin CRISIS.

I have two choices; Linda's skin or Mary's.

This is Linda's skin:

And this Mary's:

Mind to help me decide please? Both are just so cute and so pinky! I will appreciate your opinions guys. Probably, I'm gonna change my skin into either of these two this night.

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