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Day 1 - Your Best Friend
written on Sunday, May 8, 2011 @ 12:44 AM ✨{ 2 comments }
Okay. After some minutes of posting the 30-day Challenge entry, I'm doing already the Day 1.

Straight with the topic ( because it's pretty late ). I do have best friend, I mean, BEST FRIENDS. It's really weird how they become my best friends cos we never met in person before. But I know our hearts are linked into each other. They were just a mere co-fangirls of mine back then but ended up having a special part of my life. I don't feel awkward and shy of talking to them; I can say whatever I want to them! Simple, I'm being what I really am when it comes to them cos usually, I'm pretty timid and afraid to approach some one. I have this fright that nobody wants me, pretty loner to be exact.

Alien Name: Arlyn Se Iquina
Age: 15
Education Status: Incoming freshman college student.
Location: Cainta Rizal (?)
Profession: Fangirl

She's pretty masculine feminine. We met in a text clan. We started our friendship with exchanging love quotes and sayings especially made by our feelings. We often quoted, love sucks! Lmao~ And I suggested our call name, Keiki which means "cake" in Japanese. She's been telling me some stories between her and her loved one, P E T. ( I gave that PET name too! ) I've been opening her my memories between me and my former Math and Physics teacher when I was still in highschool, Lee Sensei.

I've enjoyed her company through text and fb all this time. She's funny and you won't get bored of her. She won't make you feel that you're alone. That's why I think everybody loves her. I know that she knows I'm a boring friend but she never makes me feel that way. So I wanna give her my best just to show her that all this time, she's been so important to me.

Although now that I tease her more, she doesn't complain nor sulk. She just gets bitter towards me. And I find her so cute because of that.

She's the spice in our group. ^^

Sugar Name: Ella Flores
Age: 17
Education Status: Incoming Sophomore college student
Location: Manila
Profession: Fangirl

She's the sweetest gal I've ever known (I'm next to her. *giggles*) We met in a text clan too! But not the same as Len's. We don't talk to each other that much before. And I rly don't know how we pretty get along well. As I know, she kept on tagging me with her Inoo Kei photos and I'm really thanking her for that. All I just know is that this gal have been so close to me. She once opened up to me the loneliness she's been feeling and I'm rly afraid she'll have again the agony she have felt that time. I want to be by her side ALWAYS. I wanna let her know that she doesn't need to gather more friends just to be happy and be contented because I won't leave her, I'll make her feel that she can always count on me through ups and downs. She's the gal who's been making me calm when I'm getting mad and frustated at something. She's the eldest among us yet she's the CRYBABY! *laughs*

They are my best friends. We may still have not seen each other in person yet but I don't care. I know, we'll see each other sometime. I'm hoping and praying for that.

Gaah! I really got carried away! >_< I thought this is gonna be a short post one but NO, I've wrote what I really felt abt them. See, they can make me a real human.

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