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Crazy Little Thing Called LOVE Take Two
written on Monday, May 2, 2011 @ 4:15 PM ✨{ 0 comments }
Okay. So my little sister have re-watched the Thai movie "Crazy little thing called LOVE" so I joined her.

I really thought I won't be weeping this time.


I was wrong! I did weep and cry my heart out when we were watching this scene:
(Glad to found a cut video of it from Youtube. Lols~ )

This scene made me cried for more. *weeps~*

P'Shone's POV

Heck yeah! I can't hold back my tears anymore. TT-TT

That scene has happened like in the first place yet he has knew about it. All this time, he appreciates her effort. (Btw, he's reminiscing that time, OKAY? *giggles*)

And before everything began, she already succeeded and win his heart.

Heck! I can't really get over it.

This is my most favorite scene!

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