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Nana's awesome giveaway!
written on Monday, April 4, 2011 @ 6:55 PM ✨{ 1 comments }
It is really something new to me that I'm gonna post about giveaways. I love her things that she'll be giving away so I joined the contest.

From Nanarabu's Blog
Qualifications to Nana's giveaway contest.

Must be a PUBLIC follower of my blog and...
Comment with your GFC name and email address [+1 entry]

Additional Entries:
Blog about this giveaway linking back, and leave your URL in the comment [+1]
Have my giveaway visible anywhere on your blog and comment with your URL [+1]
Follow and tweet @nanarabu about this giveaway; comment with your username [+1]
Reblog this post on tumblr and leave your username and link [+1]

Please tell me why you followed me or what you like about my blog!
Include what you would like to see in future entries

A total of 5 entries per follower is allowed!

Only legit blogs (not giveaway blogs) and member accounts will be considered.
Don't cheat

Please use this format in your comment! *Fill it out properly or else entries will be invalid*

GFC Name:
Blog Post URL:
Twitter Name:
Tumblr Post URL:


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