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Looking forward and Reminiscing
written on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 @ 7:27 PM ✨{ 1 comments }
Hello readers! How's everyone doing? Hope you had a fantastic day. Photobucket

I remember, last monday, I had gone to meet my highschool classmates.

I just got few photos of them and only one photo with someone. :D

Me in pink and Jenica in black

The photos I captured were in 1050 x something size so I just made a collage of it using meitu photo editor software.

We aren't complete that time but I really enjoyed being with them once again. It's just that, my huge eye bags were being such a bother to me. Too good that they didn't make fun of it. They have missed me that much le!

The last photo I've taken was a photo of my bestfriend and her boyfriend.

I'm pretty cool with my bestfriend's boyfriend since he was one of my classmates during my highschool days. They're so cute together! ラブラブ~♥

Tomorrow will be my little sister's 12th birthday and we're going to celebrate it like for the whole day. It has been really so while since the last time we left the house altogether. So I won't be on for tomorrow except for night. I'm pretty excited because I really like the atmosphere in resorts. きもち~~

I'm just gonna end this post by posting few photos of me. I'm not really good-looking but it really doesn't matter, ne?

I'm not wearing anything aside from liquid eyeliner on my eyelids.

Keep safe peeps!

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