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written on Saturday, April 30, 2011 @ 3:09 PM ✨{ 0 comments }
Fuu~~ TT-TT

Did I ever mention that I was going to spill out things that happened to me this summer? I probably did. But yea, I was being lazy again. Spank me!

So, I'm just going to post here the links of the things I should be posting and narrating here. I posted it on my ameblo Blog and I find it so hassling if I'm gonna make a new post here again.

Covelandia Moments
Festival PART1
Festival PART2

What I am really concern about is the tons of HTML codes I've been encountering here. Well, unlike @ Ameblo, it is very much user-friendly not inluding it's site always written in Japanese. But I don't mind it at all. And I like how the photos are being uploaded there. I won't be needing photobucket nor the photo uploader javascript here. Not trying to discriminate Blogspot since I love this site too. I will be updating this if I haven't been so lazy anymore.

By the way, my clan-mate have told me that she went to the meet up of the KPOP GROUP 2AM in manila. I got so jealous of her that she actually saw them with her own eyes, got a chance of signing her bought-album, take a photo with them and kissed on their cheeks! Dang. I was really effing jealous cos I can reckon on my mind her reactions and 2AM's too! = 3= She has been a lucky miss not mentioning she's not even a fan of them! See? She just went there cos her suitor treated her. Many other 2AM fans are dying to see them but yea, she's got so lucky even if she wasn't that excited at all. Even so, I was happy that she kissed them for me. Hoho~~ I asked her for that. LMAO~

I feel bad, I can't even post a photo of her here with 2AM since we're not friends on any social sites and I dunno if she did take one. *mourns*

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