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written on Monday, April 18, 2011 @ 7:14 PM ✨{ 2 comments }

Hello! ^^ I'm back with a photo spam post. :D I've been trying to post at least one entry per day. Am I doing a nice job? Hihi~ Anyways, since I've seen alot of photos of Inoo Kei in the cyber world, I've made up my mind to share some of it here. I'll try to enumerate where was the photo taken or from what show or event or something was it. *mind twirls*

This was taken from the Marching J event Johnny Kitagawa held. :))
He looks so pretty! * 3* He has the face that is like, UNISEX. Pretty to be a girl, Ikemen to be a guy.
Ikemen = Good-looking guy in japanese.

This is from their Harucon (Spring Concert).
This served as a photoset good from their concert together with the 3more one:

Doesn't he look so good? *flails*

This was trimmed and made as .gif one from the YAN YAN JUMP show.
He really looked so cute with his chinky eyes! *dies*

They said that Inoo-chan has been such a troublemaker (although he is often like that. *laughs*) and have put everybody (HSJ members) into trouble. I don't know as of the moment the consequence they have had because I haven't watched it yet. I hope I will be able to, soon.

This is from the Yan Yan Jump show too.
In this photo, he was with his teammates. Obviously, they were the yellow team. He is the 1st person in front left to right. He is with his co-members Daiki Arioka (in #2 shirt) and Keito Okamoto (in #4, beside Daiki).

I remember him wearing a yellow Helvetica shirt:

Him, acting like a rockstar with a guitar.
I don't know what magazine was this from. Sorry~ But I got this from tumblr.

He was wearing his Arigatou Sekai no doko ni Itemo costume.

This was from Myojo March magazine.
The place they have taken this photo was in Okinawa Beach. He just wrote "i~no?" which I think means is "you okay?".

Also taken from Okinawa Beach, Myojo March magazine.
--> Ryutaro Morimoto(white), Yuto Nakajima(yellow), Daiki Arioka(green) and Kei Inoo(blue).

I got this from Tumblr. I don't know who took this and from where is this.
I think it's Arioka, Yabu and Inoo. :D
There are lots of people looking at them. See?

This was from the Yan Yan Jump show as well.
He was like saying "gomen" to the referee (?). And he's so cute doing that! *flails*


Taken from TenJump concert.
They had their duo performance. I really like the song they have performed.
Kei Inoo composed the song and Kota Yabu wrote the lyrics :DD


My Kei is always the princess.


Random Photos

Okay. I posted a lot. Sowwy~ *sobs* But I did have a great time! *smiles*
I hope I can do this again next time featuring other members or KPOP. *cross fingers*

If you want to watch the Yan Yan JUMP show, I've found some videos hosted from youtube.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Bye cchi~ Bye cchi~ <3

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