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It's Sunday! :D

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It's a tumblr thing :D
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Hello! I'm back for today's post.Photobucket

Ans it's about tumblr.. I guess? Photobucket I just feel like posting something here before I proceed to TUMBLR'in and downloading Photoshop stuffs~. My photoshop has been reinstalled and the brushes, gradients, pattern and even actions were totally gone!

I'm just glad that is being such an angel site source of those things.Photobucket

Today, I'm gonna use Hushstar's panda emoticons. Aren't those so cute, eh? ㅋㅋ


About tumblr, who has an account from that site? I've been into that thing after I did blog for about 100posts from my precedent one.Photobucket

If you have really time berry, you should leave me your tumblr site and I'll follow you right away! :D

Who know's about the Marching J thing implemented by Mr. Johnny Kitagawa? I really don't know what's with the thing but I'm pretty sure it's somewhat like a national service.
The billboard.. みんな・わ・かっこい・っす! PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket I just can't see Inoo Kei there.Photobucket

Fuuu~ I did some strolling around random people's blogs and they're like celebrating their years of blogging already. I'm really happy that they've been such successful bloggers after a year or two.Photobucket But too sad as well because I can't celebrate mine as they celebrate theirs.Photobucket If only I've been such a patient blogger and an eager one.

And yea, I don't like my layout as of the moment. I'm having difficulties in aligning the tables and such because the codes I used is somewhat complicated.Photobucket

From now on, I will really do my best to update this blog and be like them, celebrating their birthdays of blogging.Photobucket もっと もっと がんばります!

Don't forget to leave a tag on my shoutmix, comments on my posts and facebook plug-ins! You can also follow me :3

LOL. I'm being such a desperate blogger. HohoPhotobucket

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