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It's Sunday! :D
written on Sunday, April 3, 2011 @ 11:07 PM ✨{ 2 comments }

Hello. I'm back with a new random post. wink


I'm a bad berry. I didn't go to church today because I was lazy.XD

It was already 8pm I didn't even take my playtime with the water yet. ㅋㅋ

I didn't stink, did I? ㅋㅋ

Anyways, I was browsing my Photos folder hours ago and I found this:

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This was taken around my senior days, school's foundation day.tongue
They've had a face paint booth so my friends have tried it.
They were like choosing they're nicknames but I prefer Kei Inoo's
I was like so in love with him. Hihishy

I've had sweet corn today! ^-^
Mommy bought some from somewhere after she had a mass from the church.
It's so thoughtful of her brought us home some corn!
I'm acting like Bommie, 2ne1's corn lover. Hihi~ happy

Cute onigiri emoticons, isn't it? Thanks to Hushstar for this! I even downloaded her strawberry smileys for my shoutmix box!sweet うれしい!

Tomorrow will be monday so I really hope that I'm gonna do something aside from just staying on the cyberspace.
My life is really getting dull when I stay at home.
I guess, I'm not really a hikikomori after

Urban Dictionary:

Japanese recluse that cuts themself of from society. Usually mute and wont speak to anyone, sleeps all day and watches tv by night or plays on gaming console.

Hikikomori is a term used in Japan to describe people who act as recluses and rarely leave their houses, preferring to spend their days and nights usually on the internet..

I even wanna have a summer job this summer. Encoder, tutor, salesgirl or a baby sitter! You name the job.wink I wanna earn some money to buy some JE stuffs to be added on my collection.

Too bad, I only 2 official stuffs. dead

These past days, I was like in a big dilemma. My dad let me choose between LG Lollipop and Samsung Galaxy SL. At the very beginning, I'm in love with LG Lollipop. It's like a dream-come-true phone to me because it really looks like a Docomo phone. Then after reading some reviews aboout Galaxy SL, I got hook with it. I even held a poll like, "Which do you prefer, LG Lollipop or Samsung Galaxy SL?".

Lollipop 26votes
Galaxy 12votes
Docomo 2votes
iPhone 2votes

At that time, I was really into Galaxy SL that's why I was asking myself, why did they prefer Lollipop despite of it's features? Oh well, I've realized the answer last night.
LG Lollipop will always be the best when you're born to have hunger with cuteness.sweet

I just hope that soon, I'll have this dream phone of mine on my hand *crossfingers*

Until here, I'm gonna watch the finale of HANA YORI DANGO. I really stayed up until 4am last night to finish it's season2. No wonder I didn't get myself into photo-capturing today. Eyebags are huge like a bunch of strawberries.

Goodnight peeps! Don't forget to follow me and drop some comments. :3
Affiliation is open BTW.

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