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written on Saturday, April 16, 2011 @ 7:48 PM ✨{ 1 comments }

Hello guys! Well, I'll be updating my blog with such random video and a little hateful convo with someone.

First, I'm gonna post here a video of me and my little sister. Well, this has happened today, Saturday. We are currently staying at my aunt's place and I really got bored so we just posted a video. I really didn't know that it cam was recording. I mean, I'm ady late to know it.

I was really so NORMAL there so you can really see how I do get mad with someone. :D Geez~ I felt shy. I'm not really kind or good at all. *grins*

I was singing IU's songs there. More like, I'm singing the song every time. That's how I got hooked with it. *smiles*

My little sister was busy playing with the old Gameboy she just found out of nowhere. She told me that she really didn't know I was paying attention so much with the cam. Look, she was really just busy. :DD

As you can see, we really don't look good. We didn't even take a bath or something yet. But even so, I really find this video funny and cute (?) so I just posted it. And yea, for me to have a reason of posting here. :DD *smiles*

2nd, I was really having a fight or something with someone. It started with wshat she said that "This girl is so better than asians", something like that. Not knowing that FILIPINOS are r3eal asians! Dang it, I just told her what is really the truth but then she got so mad and really taking everything so personal out of me.

I can't get a screen-cap of our conversation on her photo since she deleted me. Did she just got scared? Anyways, I'm getting tired of her I think I might not talk to her anymore. I'm really wasting my time minding her stupidity. And I mean it. I find her like that. >.< Baka much. *grits* -- I wanna say sorry that I have been like this. Like, so mad and not taking control of my emotion. I'm not mad at all. I just got irritated with her pride and attitude. If only she knows. Anyways, this video has gotten me to forget what was just happened. Tada! Hey!Say!JUMP's new song, 愛ing.

I hope this irritation will completely be gone soon.

Byebye! Until my next post. :DD

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